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Anrede Prof. Klemt-Albert

I am very pleased about your interest in the Institute of Construction Management and Digital Engineering at Leibniz University in Hannover.

Since 2016 I’m heading the department as director. My goal is to develop the main research and education topics in Construction Management and Digital Engineering as a link between science and practice.

To achieve this goal I am contributing my knowledge and experience of 14 years in different top-management positions at Deutsche Bahn AG into upcoming topics and recent fields of research. In my previous position as CTO of an international engineering and consulting company with 1,500 employees I was responsible for the realization of major projects worldwide with focus to Germany, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore and China. My personal interest is to develop technical innovations and their practical implementation.

I like to impart this knowledge to the students for their future way as to provide the best preparation becoming a civil engineer.

I am very interested in cooperating with politics and industry. Furthermore, my intension is to raise an international network of renowned experts. I am excited about the idea of welcoming you as a partner!

Yours sincerely

Unterschrift Prof. Klemt-Albert

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katharina Klemt-Albert