Here you can see the speakers and download the lectures provided

Lecture block 1: National and international BIM strategies

left to right: Prof. Messner, Prof. Singh, Prof. Klemt-Albert, MinDirig Fehn Krestas, MR Boll, Prof. Yabuki, Prof. Steinmann
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katharina Klemt-Albert
Institute of Construction Management and Digital Engineering
MR Rudolf Boll
Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Lecture block 2: BIM in infrastructure - Project experience

left to right: Prof. Dossick, Grabe, Honig, Peters, Prof. Klemt-Albert, Kirmayr

Lecture block 3: BIM practice reports of innovative construction and operation

left to right: Dr. Bermann, Zank, Michaely, Prof. Klemt-Albert, Rupp, Beslich, Prof. Schwerdtner

Lecture block 4: BIM application - from the point of view of the construction process

left to right.: Krönert, Prof. Haghsheno, Dr. Jacob, Prof. Klemt-Albert, Prof. Messner, Beslich

Lecture block 5: Basic conditions for the successful BIM application

left to right.: Irngartinger, Dr. Yamaguchi, Prof. Klemt-Albert, Prof. Dossick, Dr. Ritter, Prof. Blankenbach

Lecture block 6: Digitization as a driving force for innovation

left to right.: Michaely, Brückner, Prof. Klemt-Albert, Prof. Singh, Prof. Marx